Save Your Fuel! These Tips Might Help

Hello all!

With the new (well, not so new now) policy of having a floating price for our petrol, we thought it might be a good idea to share some fuel saving tips, whether the petrol price goes up or down, it’s always a good idea and practice to be spending less money on fuel, and more on other things that truly matter.

Fuel savings isn’t rocket science, and can easily be achieved by just changing some of our lifestyle habits & also adopting easy new habits. As such, below are some tips:

1. Tyres – Perform a monthly air pressure check to ensure it’s properly inflated to manufacturer’s specification, under inflated tyres will increase the rolling resistance and create unnecessary drag. Not only it saves you fuel, you’ll also be able to detect any early signs of tires failure, as it is truly the only contact your car have with the road, so stay safe by regularly checking on it.

2. Drive smoothly – If you’ve ever taken a leisurely ride on the highway, you’ll know that driving at a constant speed drops your fuel consumption. By not accelerating and braking too harshly, you are not only saving fuel, but also practicing safe driving. Not to mention you’ll have a more enjoyable ride.

3. Maintaining your ride – Regular servicing of your vehicle will help maintain the efficiency of your engine. This will help squeeze even more mileage from every litre of petrol you pour into it. As engine oil thickens after prolong use, it decreases the efficiency of the engine, and thus requiring more effort and fuel to keep going.

4. Can you do without your car ?- Lastly, if walking is an option, do it! This comes with the added benefit of keeping you fit, killing 2 birds with one stone!

Of course there are other more technical ways to save fuel, but for the layman in us, doing those above will definitely help reduces your running cost and saving you more money!

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