Mortal Enemy of Your Ride – RUST!

Rust, not a pretty sight!

They’re nasty and spreads like wildfire if left unchecked. Next you know you’ll be looking at an expensive respray of your car paint, or worst, the structural integrity of the car will come under threat and can pose a major safety concern.

To avoid the unpleasant experience of dealing with excessive rust, you can:

1. Regularly check for rust – especially on parts where metal meets (door frame, hood, around the trunks). Metals rubbing will wear down paint protection.

2. Containing the rust – If and when you do find the rust, you must act on it quickly. You can either DIY with rust converter & repaint, or schedule to have that particular panel or area resprayed. The key is to immediately contain them to prevent further spread.

3. Preventing rust – Regularly washing your car & applying protective coat for your paint can help protect it from rusting. Bird droppings & petrol can thin your paint and should be dealt with as soon as you can.

Hope these tips help! Simple and regular checking is all it does to prevent it from turning into a full blown problem.

If you need any restorative/repainting work done, do talk to us, we’re always ready to assist!

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